The Latest on the T Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes

According to a recent interview with PAPERMAG, everything has not always been hunky dory for the girl in the pink dress Carly Foulkes.  The T-Mobile Girl actually confessed to the reporter at PaperMag that her first audition with the wireless company’s 4G ads were horrible!  Carly Foulkes says she messed up all of her lines and that she could not even say the name of the T-Mobile phone correctly.  Regardless of how that first interview went, it is very obvious that Carly Foulkes somehow found a way to garner the attention she needed to land the job.  It seems that the original plan was for Carly to film only a couple of ad spots for T-Mobile, but after the immediate success and popularity of the ads, the T-Mobile Girl has now gone on to film a total of twelve commercials for T-Mobile.

Carly's New York Look

Carly Foulkes claims that she was a dork in school and that she was never considered cool or part of any popular cliques.  It does seem to me that most of the popular girls during my high school days are now not so attractive either.  The best looking ones now were the ugly ducklings then it seems in most cases.  According to Carly Foulkes, she hung with the theater and band crowd.  I recently attended one of my high school reunions and I must say that the most attractive girl there was not even pretty to me when we were still in school.  I never considered her “ugly” mind you, she just wasn’t really attractive.  Fast forward a few years and now she’s hot as a firecracker and she looks 10 years younger than anyone else in our class.  Funny how that works huh?  According to Carly Foulkes, that’s the way it turned out for her.

T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes says she really never imagined that she would be the T Mobile spokeswoman in the pink dress, and her first interview really did go so badly that she needed a drink to calm her nerves after wards.  Obviously T-Mobile saw the same thing in Carly Foulkes that the rest of us that are clambering for her must see.  The new T Mobile Girl’s wholesome and clean cut beauty is what nabs my attention.  She almost has that throwback to the old days of Hollywood look to her in my opinion.  You can actually see that in some of the new photos that she took during this interview.

Carly Foulkes says that she’s not really a girl in the pink dress kind of girl in her every day life and that she actually has more of a New York look and wears black most days.  She did go on to say that she enjoys wearing the dresses for the commercials because most all girls enjoy wearing a pretty dress with girly colors.  Other than this, there was not a lot of new information in this interview of Carly Foulkes, but the new photos were very nice, and they are a really classy look for her.  Like I said earlier, they really give Carly that old style glamorous look from the 50′s or 60′s era.  I am certain that it would not make much difference what T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes wears, because she is such a beautiful lady.  She has those special facial features that simply give her a great look regardless of what she is wearing at the time.  If you have any thoughts on the new T-Mobile Girl, please share them with us.

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